Hoharu company monitoring installation

 Beauty and Cosmetics     |      2017-10-27

When the United States and the United States when the office decoration space is the use of modern minimalist style design, fashion image of the background wall to visit the customer left a good first impression, this case uses the point of design, point design in space there is a Extended effect, coupled with a soft design elements, so that space and corporate culture together. 

Company: Guangzhou Hyatt office environment design Co., Ltd. to undertake, Hyatt decoration with its innovative design concept, superb construction skills, good service to complete the design of the entire project And construction, customers get the praise. Guangzhou City, the United States when the beauty Cosmetics Co., Ltd. was built in 1995, formerly known as Hai Ni trading company, in 1999 changed its name to Guangzhou City, the United States and Beauty Cosmetics Co., After nearly fourteen years of hard work innovation, the United States has developed into a set of research and development, production, sales, training as one of the strength, and highly competitive and growth of first-class beauty cosmetics business. In recent years the company has been expanding, now has more than 300 employees, more than 800 product varieties; sales network throughout the country, with 38 agents, 5,000 franchise stores, more than 1 million female consumers.

Dongguan City, Yanan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to building a comprehensive security solutions experts, adhere to the high-definition, intelligent, industry, integrated development direction, with the world's most advanced video, optical transmission digital technology and improve the quality of a Stationed "sunshine service system, the products are widely used in airports, finance, prisons, transportation, highways, electricity, government public security, port, forest fire, education, customs, real estate, factories and mines, hospitals and other hundreds of thousands of places, Products exported to the United States, Germany, Japan, Canada, Britain, the Middle East, South America, Africa and other dozens of countries and regions, the majority of customers in establishing a good image, Dongguan City, Yanan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. has passed many international and domestic certification , In a variety of domestic and international institutions in the evaluation, won a variety of honors, has been rated as "Guangdong Security Association governing units", "2010 safe city construction recommended brand", "2011 China Security Top Ten cutting-edge products" Etc., through the China CCC mandatory safety certification, the EU CE, the United States FCC, the international Environmental Rosh and other international authority certification.